Friday, March 09, 2007

"Puaji's House"

Next week I'll be back in the studio. The plan is to turn one of the pieces from last summer's show into a
triptych. It hangs on our bedroom wall and gets all the morning light. I love the way the sunlight works with the shadows and sunny areas that already exist within the painting. Three paintings would fill the entire wall and give us the feeling of waking up in "Puaji's House" in Jallandhar, India.

This week's plan is to prepare some larger painting surfaces. I prefer wood to canvas as a painting surface. I think thats because of my printmaking background, drawing on slabs of marble and etching on metal plates. The wood surface allows me to be much more physical with the painting surface. The added bonus is that it is cheap compared to the cost of canvas. I' m look forward to my trip Limback Lumber.

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what kind a wood do u use for painting?

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