Friday, March 09, 2007

The Neighborhood Cafe

We had a wonderful reception at the Neighborhood Cafe on Sunday night. It was a great turnout of old friends, new friends and family. Thank you very much Khadija, for the delicious food, continued support and enthusiasm. We appreciate you very much!
The show will be up all month. The cafe is open Wed. -Sun., 7-3. The address is 1418 NW 70th street, Seattle, WA(that's Ballard).

"Puaji's House"

Next week I'll be back in the studio. The plan is to turn one of the pieces from last summer's show into a
triptych. It hangs on our bedroom wall and gets all the morning light. I love the way the sunlight works with the shadows and sunny areas that already exist within the painting. Three paintings would fill the entire wall and give us the feeling of waking up in "Puaji's House" in Jallandhar, India.

This week's plan is to prepare some larger painting surfaces. I prefer wood to canvas as a painting surface. I think thats because of my printmaking background, drawing on slabs of marble and etching on metal plates. The wood surface allows me to be much more physical with the painting surface. The added bonus is that it is cheap compared to the cost of canvas. I' m look forward to my trip Limback Lumber.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Paintings of Potchutla

The new show is up. It's been a busy 2 months of painting evenings and during nap times. I do enjoy the controlled chaos that a painting deadline creates. Last year in preparation for my summer show I scaled down to painting on small blocks of wood that I could hold in my hand. I've always enjoyed working small and I knew that for my show this month I wanted to keep all the paintings small. There is the satisfaction of completing a painting everyday. Being able create a lot of images in a small period of time. I'm taking a break this week and then I'll continue next week on the next project that I've been thinking about.
There will be an opening this Sunday, March 11th, at 7pm. Otherwise the show is up all month at The Neighborhood Cafe, 1418 NW 70th street, Seattle (that's in Ballard). The cafe is open wed. -sun.,7am-3pm.